Dr. Peter Abadir presented on wound healing in older adults at the Wound Healing Society Annual Meeting

At the 2023 Wound Healing Society Annual Meeting, Dr. Abadir presented a session on wound healing in older adults, addressing the confounding variables that contribute to the heterogeneity of outcomes. As the population continues to age, understanding these variables becomes increasingly important to improve wound treatments, mitigate complications, and enhance the quality of life for older individuals. Dr. Abadir emphasized that frail older individuals face unique challenges in wound healing. These individuals often experience a decline in multiple domains of function, making their wounds more complex to treat than those in younger individuals. Comprehensive risk and functional assessments are crucial to identifying red flags and providing appropriate treatment plans for frail older adults. Dr. Abadir’s presentation also focused on medications and special considerations for managing wounds in frail older individuals. Due to the complexities of their health, it’s essential for healthcare providers to consider the effects of medications and other treatments on wound healing. This includes understanding potential interactions, side effects, and the impact of existing health conditions on the wound-healing process.