Aging Well

An important focus of the Human Aging Project is to promote and disseminate knowledge of ways for people of all backgrounds to stay healthy as they age, and to remain independent.  Recognized pillars of healthy aging include staying active and optimizing nutrition. However, there are many related factors that can affect the well-being of older adults, including avoiding injuries, staying on top of chronic diseases, maintaining healthy cognition and mood, as well as access to proper caregiving and maintaining social relationships.

Older adults, their caregivers, and loved ones are better able to experience the richness and potential of healthy aging due to significant advances in medicine, clinical care, technology and a greater understanding of the aging process that has been achieved in recent decades. Access to health information and resources can help optimize health and prolong well-being as we age.

It is for this purpose that the Human Aging Project wishes to share and promote Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Aging Well resource of informative and practical guidance on a wide variety of  healthy aging topics. Please visit Aging Well to learn more.

A few highlighted selections include: