HAP Scholar Dr. Qinchuan Wang awarded Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and AFAR Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Qinchuan Wang on his recently awarded Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and AFAR Grant for Junior Faculty!  This project, titled, “CaMKII as a cause of age-related sarcopenia” provides $150,000 over 2 years. The project focuses on sarcopenia, which is characterized by aging-related loss of skeletal muscle function, quantity, and quality, and is a significant risk factor for adverse health outcomes in older adults. Despite its clinical relevance, the molecular mechanisms underlying sarcopenia remain poorly understood. CaMKII, a multifunctional kinase, can both enhance muscle performance and cause muscle dysfunction. Dr. Wang’s preliminary data suggest that CaMKII activity is elevated in the skeletal muscles of older animals. This study aims to investigate the role of elevated CaMKII activity in the development of sarcopenia and explore a potential molecular mechanism where CaMKII drives sarcopenia by promoting chronic inflammation through NF-κB activation. This mechanistic study will elucidate a novel molecular mechanism underlying chronic inflammation and sarcopenia.