Faculty and researchers within the HAP recently co-authored a paper that was published in Nature Aging. The paper is entitled, “Navigating and diagnosing cognitive frailty in research and clinical domains.” Authors include: Caglar Cosarderelioglu, Esther Oh, Jeremy D. Walston, Peter M. Abadir and others. The concept of cognitive frailty (CF) – the simultaneous presence of physical frailty and cognitive decline in older adults – is gathering momentum in geriatric research. Despite its potential link to dementia and physical complications, a unified definition and diagnostic criteria for CF remain elusive. This perspective examines the intersections between physical frailty research and cognitive science to provide insights into CF, emphasizing both consensus areas and knowledge gaps. The article aims to fuel further discourse on refining this evolving concept. Read more: https://www.nature.com/articles/s43587-023-00504-z