Bryan Hansen, PHD, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor

Bryan R. Hansen, PhD, MSN, RN, is the 2021 School of Nursing/HAP Scholar.  He is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON) and Principal Faculty of the Center for Innovative Care in Aging. He has been a passionate advocate for the promotion of optimum mental health and well-being of older adults and their families through teaching, practice, and research.  He has also practiced as a psychiatric nurse, with a special focus on proactive approaches to preventing and managing aggressive behaviors in inpatient settings. He currently practices as an adult health clinical nurse specialist and collaborates inter-professionally across several areas of scholarly focus areas, including delirium, dementia, inter-professional education and practice, palliative care, and harm reduction. He will co-lead the Gerotech Incubator Program, where he will help facilitate the development of new technologies and ideas that will improve care for older adults.