Hiromi Sesaki, Ph.D.

Hiromi Sesaki, Ph.D., is the 2022 Ethan and Karen Leder CIM/HAP Scholar. Dr. Sesaki is a professor in the Department of Cell Biology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His laboratory studies mitochrondria, the intracellular energy producers found in most cells. More specifically, he studies mitochondrial fusion and division and mitophagy, an intracellular recycling process thought to be dysregulated with increasing age. Overall, these dynamic mitochondrial processes integrate into major quality control mechanisms that removes mitochrondrial damage and ensures mitochondrial health and robust energy production. As part of his HAP scholars awards, he will investigate how aging influences the mitochondrial quality control mechanism and work closely with other HAP investigators to translate his work into clinical uses related to aging and energy expenditure.